Screening Committees

We continued our Advent series, The World is About to Turn, on Dec. 13 asking how we have acted as “screening committee,” denying the worth of the people God might work through in our community or church?  How can we remain open to God at work among and through everyone we meet?  Read worshipers’ responses below.


Sometimes we made judgments about people based on what they wear, the car they drive, or the house they live in.  We assume that if they “have less” than we do that they have little to offer.  This results in missed opportunities for leadership.  It may be as simple as not inviting a new person to church because we assume they won’t be interested or have nothing to offer.  This results in many missed opportunities to share God’s love and abundance.

Not valuing differences, having an answer before the question is asked.

We reach out to all.  We are intergenerational.

From another church: Not supporting programs brought up by members to help the community provide more support.

There are many paths to enlightenment.  I encourage all to travel and celebrate all who travel.

I think we act as screening committees in our congregation when we are introduced to new ideas.

Sometimes we “screen” out of fear or maybe an idea sounds too big to carry out.  But when we have faith we can make big things happen.

Each individual has a power to spread to God’s love and work in our community.

By having some people’s opinion being more important than others by virtue of wealth, social skills, or occupation.

Having power is being acknowledged, accepted as a credible source of opinion or information, and being respected.  Sadly, it means that we’re judged by our appearance before our words are heard.

People are so quick to criticize what kinds of food are purchased using the SNAP benefit—“They” should not be allowed to buy….  Lack empathy.  Seeing SNAP beneficiaries as less than.

One of the things I love about Trinity is that we don’t screen—everyone is free and welcome to participate, lead, attend, contribute, benefit and share as they wish.  Encouragement is abundant as well as support when we need it.

Be honest, fair, and open minded.

In the church, I think each one of us has power.  Each time we welcome someone with a smile, help someone follow the bulletin, cook a meal, exhibit patience—we represent Jesus.  Now that’s what I call power.

Maybe by not listening to their message—by not recognizing who they really are.

We judge by outside appearance—thinking wrongly about a person’s potential to give and serve.  God can use EVERYONE to show his love.

Ignoring the homeless.  Blaming the poor for being poor.

Trinity is involved in helping our community here in Nampa as well as our world community.  How this is by being out working with the people whether one on one or being a part of a larger group to make people’s lives better.


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