Baptism and Communion at Trinity

This coming Saturday I will be with worship students at Northwest Nazarene University, our local liberal arts school.  Professor Brent Peterson asked me to come and talk about Baptism and Communion.  I have spoken in several of Peterson’s classes and always regret not having a visual presentation of what we do with worship space at Trinity.  So this time I am creating this blog post and will encourage the students to access it during or after our conversation.

Welcome to Trinity!  That is our sanctuary on the left.

Usually our baptismal font is in the back of the sanctuary, as it was for this Reformation Sunday.

Sometimes, as we did on this Pentecost Sunday, we move the font into the narthex.

One summer we worshiped monthly out on the lawn. We replaced the Confession and Forgiveness with Remembrance of Baptism and poured water into the font until it overflowed.

On this Easter Sunday the font was up in the loft area so everyone could see the Baptisms.

Last year during Lent, we put the font in the loft as a way to remember that Lent is the time when many people journey to the baptismal font.  Each Sunday we added new physical items, corresponding to the lectionary texts, to the display.

Baptism is once and for all but we also have a service called Affirmation of Baptism, sometimes still referred to as Confirmation.  Here are three young people affirming their baptisms.

Sanctuary prepared for Easter Sunday!

Setting the Table for Holy Communion during the Season of Advent.

A few more examples of doing church outside.

Blessing of the Community Garden.

Ready for the Passion Sunday procession.


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2 Responses to Baptism and Communion at Trinity

  1. Penelope says:

    Great photos! Shows how creativity makes people more mindful of things that are sometimes taken for granted. And how using all our senses amplifies the worship experience.

    • Absolutely! Well said Penelope. Thanks to Gospel and Growth for coming up with a way (Appreciation Sunday this coming Sunday) to celebrate all of the workers on Altar Guild who make worship space come alive.

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