Peace Camp Transforms

The third annual Learning Peace: A Camp for Kids will take place in Nampa this July 22-25 at the Hispanic Cultural Center. This is a free camp for youth ages 6-13 with a special program for older teens this year, see below. I love how this event continues to grow and transform. Here are some changes coming this year:

Last year, each afternoon, our participants heard portions of “Tree of Peace,”  a legend of the Iroquois League of Nations. So this year, for each of the Connecting with Nature sessions one morning, each age group will help plant trees at Lakeview Park with city of Nampa staff.

We were able to purchase good registration software, thanks to a grant received from the Celtic Cross Society at Church Divinity School of the Pacific.

We are bringing back a dietician from St. Luke’s Medical Center who will teach mindful eating one morning during the Mindfulness lessons. She taught the first year and the kids loved the lesson.

Each afternoon we have special groups come and share with the entire group of kids. This year we will have a few new guests, including Hula Dancers, Shimi Tree (a Flamenco group), and Oyamel Folkloric Dancers. Birds of Prey will join us for the third year in a row.

Finally, we are adding Play for Peace this year. Here is an invitation to teenagers 14 or older from my colleague Rev. Karen Hunter:

“Play for Peace is an organization dedicated to youth and cooperative play as a way to create laughter, compassion, and peace around the world.  It utilizes the leadership of young people to raise cultural awareness and work for peace ( and combat bullying) in their communities.  There are Play for Peace clubs all over the world and we would like to start one here in Canyon County.
The idea is that young people are trained in how to play and lead these peace games by a trainer who works with youth all over the world.  When they are confident in their training, they will plan activities for children to learn and experience these new games.  Each club posts at least four of their events a year on-line.  You become part of a global movement for peace.  Once or twice a year there is an opportunity to go to conferences and meet other young people involved in this leadership.
We are looking for some young people who want to be leaders in our community, who like to laugh and have fun together, who want to share their skills with others, and who want to work for peace in our world.  Learning Peace, Inc., will provide adult support and help as the Play for Peace club is established.  We have a trainer coming during Peace Camp, July 21-25 to train all interested persons.
Do you want to be part of the team?  Are you dedicated to peace in the world?  Can you be a leader in our community?  If the answer is “yes”, sign up now by emailing Karen+ at or calling 208-993-0048.”

It will be a fabulous four days!


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