Re-entry, Friends, History

I predicted that the sabbatical would really hit me when I woke up after returning from Ireland and did not have to go back to work. I was right. The last week and half has been weird while also being great. I have cleaned parts of my house (like that plant shelf in my kitchen) more thoroughly than I have in the past. I have slept, read, caught up with so many friends, seen some good films and explored some of Southern Idaho.

Saturday breakfast with Phil and Jodi, before they spent the weekend with Trinity Lutheran, Nampa.

Friends: Thank to everyone who wanted to catch up with me during this interlude between Ireland and the Monastery at St. Gertrude’s in Cottonwood (where I’ll head Aug. 8). It has been great fun to hear friends’ stories. I value friendships so much and am thankful to have friends who are colleagues (professional public ministers who totally get what I do) and to have friends who work outside the church (who give me insights into fields like public education, science, and private practice). I also got to meet new friends (Phil and Jodi, pictured above).

Last Trivia Night with Emely and Brendan (center) before they move to Costa Rica for new jobs.

McCall: I had not been in McCall for a weekend in about seven years. There were so many people! Still, the lake front is beautiful and it was good to worship Sunday morning with about 30 people at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Movies: Toy Story 4, Rocketman (such great storytelling!), Late Night (great cast), and Joy and I saw Apollo 11 (incredible technical work on this one) on a rainy night in Limerick.

Museums: I still have a few on my list but I did get to visit the Idaho State Museum. Here are some of my favorite sections:

In Mountain Shadows is on my bibliography for my Doctor in Ministry project.

Trinity Lutheran Church delivers school supplies to Duck Valley at the end of each summer.

Loved going into the theater and listening to each of the origins stories–so well done.

Every Gen X person, like me, will love seeing this.

Wonderful interactive displays, like this one, on the lower level.

Good use of visual arts.

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