Redfish Lake and Wrapping Up

I returned from South Dakota two weeks ago. I have been doing the regular stuff of life–going to the eye doctor, getting my teeth cleaned, finally obtaining my Idaho Star Card (Federal REAL ID), going to the grocery store, and cooking autumn soups (then freezing them) so I can eat healthy and tasty food after I return to work. I also caught up with friends, saw a few films, and went to volleyball games at Northwest Nazarene University and Boise State University. But the most picturesque and adventurous outing was three nights in the upstairs of Redfish Lake Lodge. It snowed for a while the night I arrived, Tuesday, but then it cleared up and I got some wonderful hiking in–above Redfish Lake Wednesday and then on the Fishhook Creek Trail Thursday.

View from my window Tuesday night

Redfish Lake Lodge


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