Holidays in 2020

The evening of Wednesday, October 14, a dozen Trinity Lutheran, Nampa members gathered on the church’s lawn. We brought our own dinners, many were take-out, split into two smaller groups and brainstormed how to safely celebrate the fall/winter holidays in our homes and communities. Most of us had read about traditions we might need to put on hold, but we wondered, what can we do? Here is what was shared:

Halloween: Costume Party on Zoom, candy hunt (like and Easter Egg hunt) in the house or backyard, Scavenger Hunt, go big on yard decor, tour homes decorated for Halloween. Local news coverage of CDC guidelines.

Thanksgiving: Find a neutral and somewhat secluded spot and rent a home for the family, take food orders and have one person dish up plates (rather than passing food around the table), eat in smaller groups, stagger dinner seating (different times for different people throughout the afternoon).

Christmas: Secret Santa, Send cards to those you do not know well, reach out to those stuck in town, use an Advent Calendar (different activity each day), give holiday baskets, Christmas lights tour, caroling with your family unit, group video Christmas calls, exchange Christmas ornaments, send lots of Christmas cards.

Here is a link to the CDC’s Holiday Celebrations page.

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