Easter Season

Pastor’s Column from the Trinity May 2022 Epistle/Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ, 

The cycle of readings we hear read and interpreted during the Easter Season are rich in imagery and themes of faith. Collectively they can stir our imaginations. Though we are in the Year of Luke, most of our gospel lessons during the Easter Season come from John’s gospel. We begin with Jesus’ resurrection appearances and then return to a section from Maundy Thursday. We see what resurrection looks like and are reminded of the implications of Jesus’ resurrection. Easter is a season, not just a day. Instead of a first lesson from the Old Testament, our readings during Easter come from the Book of Acts. I have grown to love these stories and what they might say to us as the church today. Together the readings from Acts serve as powerful illustrations of the living and resurrected Christ continuing to live and bring redemption and reconciliation through the church. Finally, our second readings will come from Revelation. There are many rich images in these passages, but the dominant one (irony) is the Lamb, an image which is also central to our liturgy/worship life: “Lord God, Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world,” “For the Lamb who was slain has begun his reign,” and the “Lamb of God” we sing during Communion. While the image of the lamb is prominent in the redemption stories of the Old Testament, it is full of meaning in Revelation. The lamb whose blood marked the doors of the Israelites becomes the Lamb who conquers evil, takes away the sin of the world, and opens the seals. I know that it can feel like a lot to have all of these scripture passages swirling around on a Sunday morning, especially when I often only focus on one passage in my preaching. The lessons are all listed in the monthly Epistle, and I invite you to read them outside of Sunday mornings this Easter Season. Let me know what they stir up in you. How might those stirring inspire and direct ministry in Nampa in 2022? 


Pastor Meggan 

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