Continuing the Ministry of Affordable Housing

Here is the press release I distributed today and the agenda of our task force’s first meeting last October.  Today we celebrate an amazing journey, a journey we are just beginning.  There will be many more blog posts about New Hope.


Trinity Lutheran Church Purchases Homes from Mercy Housing Inc. in order to Continue Affordable Housing Ministry

(April 30, 2015 – Nampa, ID)

On April 30, Trinity Lutheran Church (Trinity) acquired 16 single family homes from Mercy Housing Inc. (Mercy). The homes, now called Trinity New Hope, LLC., border the church’s east and south sides at the corner of Midland and Lone Star Road in Nampa. The homes were built in 1994 when Mercy approached Trinity about building affordable housing on Trinity’s land and the congregation entered into a 50-year ground-lease agreement.


Wanting to focus on other geographic areas, Denver- based Mercy approached Trinity in mid-October 2014 about purchasing the land in order to sell the land and houses together. However, a potential buyer would need to keep New Hope as affordable housing for the remaining term of the regulatory agreement with Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA). Instead, the members of Trinity voted to purchase the houses from Mercy with financing from IHFA. Julie Williams, Executive Vice President of IHFA said, “The need for additional affordable housing and the preservation of existing affordable housing is growing across Idaho. As the population increases in more populated areas such as Canyon County, living wages don’t keep pace with housing costs. IHFA is proud to support New Hope and the commitment of Trinity to sustain this neighborhood through the unique collaboration between a faith community and its neighbors.”

Trinity Lutheran Church established Trinity New Hope, LLC., and appointed congregation members to the board of directors. Board members include President Tami McHugh, Vice President Bob Torrey, Treasurer Dean Metzger, Secretary Judy Kellar, liaison to church council Cathy Winwood, Danny Braudrick and Elwood Webb. McHugh summed up the endeavor, “Trinity has always been a supporter of affordable housing but we have never had the opportunity to directly provide and manage these types of properties. It is venture of great faith and hope.”

*About Trinity Lutheran Church: a community of faith whose mission is to refresh the faithful and reach out with word and service to all others through the Holy Gospel. Trinity is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and has been served by Pastor Meggan Manlove since November 2010.

*About Trinity New Hope, LLC: providing quality affordable housing to 16 Nampa families.

*About Idaho Housing and Finance Association: a financial services and housing business organization, improves lives and strengthens Idaho communities by expanding housing opportunities, building self-sufficiency, and fostering economic development.

CathyTami Cathy Winwood and Tami McHugh (April 29)

Mercy Housing Task Force Meeting – Oct. 12, 2014

Trinity Lutheran is a place to gather, refresh the faithful, and reach out with
word and service to all others through the Holy Gospel

-Guiding Principles-
1) God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
2) Preach and teach the Good News to everyone
3) Witness your faith through actions and words
4) Accept and welcome all people

1. Opening Prayer
2. Recorder/secretary
3. Introductions
4. What does Mercy Housing Say (Pr Meggan and Tami)
5. What does the lease say
6. Our Options

a. Sell

b. Keep the land

7. Plan of Action
a. Resources (people, information, documents) we need
b. Timeline
c. Assign action items
8. Next Meeting
9. Report for Oct. 19 Council Meeting
10. Closing Prayer

Read about when the fence separating New Hope and Trinity Lutheran literally blew down!

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