Ben, Pastor Ken, and Sasha with a map of the Motor City



Dieumerci, Katie, Nathan, and Nick at the close of worship

Prayer from the commissioning service Sunday, July 12:

“We ask you: grant peace and safety to those attending the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering and bless them, form them by your hand, guide them by your Word, renew them by your Spirit, protect them as they travel, make their way safe, and their homecomings joyful.

God has looked with favor on this community and God has blessed us through the lives of these young people.  As they have been a blessing to us, so now we send them forth as missionaries to the larger church, and to be a blessing to the people of Detroit, through Jesus Christ, our truth and life.  Amen.”


Trideemer, since it was not explained in the previous post, is a combination of Trinity/Redeemer.


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  1. Sharon Jones says:

    I like Trideemer! God Speed to all:

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