Gathering – Opening Day

Transportation needs some tweaking.  We arrived at our hotel around midnight, so there won’t be any downloaded photos tonight or reflections from our sleepy teens.  One exhausted pastor will share some highlights:

Detroit Princess riverboat ride up the United States/Canada waterway–including Motown Music by a fabulous five-member ensemble.  Many of us even danced.

Posing by the tiger statues outside of the Tigers’ baseball stadium.

Supper in Greek Town-We ate at Plaka (excellent gyros and fried shrimp and chicken) and ended up sitting next to a group from Florida–two congregations traveling together–a Trinity and a Redeemer–I’m not kidding.

Dean of Duke Chapel Luke Powry speaking in Ford Field–opening up Mark’s resurrection account, calling for action, reminding us that Jesus always goes ahead of us.

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1 Response to Gathering – Opening Day

  1. Diana Seba says:

    Prayers for blessings, traveling mercies, and strength!

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