Detroit Days 1 & 2 in Pictures


IMG_1590 IMG_1593

Detroit Princess Riverboat / Katie and others from our synod dancing while the quintet sings Motown


IMG_1600 IMG_1601

We found Farmer Street for Nick / No explanation necessary

IMG_1605IMG_1604 Youth and Chaperones with the Detroit Tigers

IMG_1606 IMG_1608

Lunch in Greek Town: Sasha and a seminarian interning in Florida (from another Redeemer/Trinity group)



One of Pastor Meggan and Pastor Ken’s favorite duos: Lost and Found


We spent the day in pairs or threes in the interaction center: The guys with Mikka McCracken, mass gathering speaker and program director for ELCA World Hunger, Last Supper, donating blood at the Red Cross station

with MikkaLastSupperIMG_1614

This is what you see when you have floor seats:

IMG_1616 IMG_1618 IMG_1619


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1 Response to Detroit Days 1 & 2 in Pictures

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    Love it, Love it. God’s Blessings to all:)

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