Storytelling – Congregational Renewal

Our sabbatical task force at Trinity did something wonderful, in my opinion. We sketched out congregational renewal activities which will mirror what I am doing on sabbatical. In this blog post I am also listing our guest preachers, who will, consistent with the theme of storytelling, be sharing their stories.

First, check out what is posted in the upper-elementary Sunday School classroom at Trinity Lutheran? On the left is my schedule and the congregation’s schedule so the kids can follow along. On the right, the kids plotted my travels.


June 30 Send-off Sunday with catered meal

While Pastor Meggan is hiking in Ireland, eating in pubs, and visiting Narrative 4

July 7 Hike at Shafer Butte and Pub Night at Crescent Brewery

July 17 “Waking Ned Devine” (set in Ireland) movie night at Metzgers’ home

July 27 Faith Storytelling Workshop with Lutheran Pastor Jodi Houge and Presbyterian Pastor Phil Gebben Green

July 28 Jodi and Phil in worship

While Pastor Meggan is at St. Gertrude’s Benedictine Monastery in Cottonwood reading, hiking, praying the Daily Office

Aug. 11 Mari Ramos, Community Resource Coordinator at Snake River Elementary and colleague with Pastor Meggan in solving food scarcity issues in Nampa – guest preacher

Aug. 14 Holden Evening Prayer

Praying the daily office in your homes

While Pastor Meggan is exploring Prince Edward Island

Sept. 1 “Anne of Green Gables” (1985) movie at Trinity

Sept. 8 Bishop Kristen Keumpel – guest preacher and presider (this will also be Rally Sunday and we will have a Church Potluck)

Sept. 15 Pastor Dan Mangeac of Good News Community Church (Romanian Assemblies of God congregation who used space at Trinity from 2010-2015) – guest preacher

Sept. 29 Juvi Masumbuko, Trinity Member – preacher

While Pastor Meggan is at her childhood home in the Black Hills hiking and learning about Lakota storytelling

Sept. 22 Hike in Owyhees

Sept. 28 Writing as Spiritual Practice Workshop with Susan Rowe

Oct. 13 Welcome Back Pastor Meggan – Church Potluck

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