Trinity New Hope Stories – One

Trinity New Hope Stories for 2019 Avenues for Hope Housing Challenge

Written by Trinity New Hope Property Manager Tami Romine

Family 1

This family is a household of seven with a mom, dad, and five little one’s all under the age of six. They come to us from the Hawaiian Islands because they were no longer able to afford basic living expenses in Hawaii and the homeless population is ever increasing there. They did not want to be homeless in a place they believed they would never be able to afford. When they were introduced to Trinity New Hope (TNH), they were a Southwestern Idaho Cooperative Housing Authority (SICHA) referral. They were homeless and did not have much to their name. He worked a full time job, but did not earn enough to be able to get themselves into a house until they met us. Their credit was a little challenging, but not too bad. Mostly, they just needed someone to give them a chance. Now, the family has a SICHA voucher and is becoming more and more stable with each passing month. They are slowly obtaining the basic household items they need. Regardless, they remain one of the happiest and most patient couple I have met in my career. They are kind and generous and their children are truly lovely. We are blessed to have them as part of the TNH family.

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