Trinity New Hope Stories – Two

Trinity New Hope stories for 2019 Avenues for Hope

Written by Trinity New Hope Property Manager Tami Romine

Family 2

This new family is a small one, but a good one. Another referral from SICHA with a voucher, she is a grandma who was unexpectedly tasked with raising her grandson alone. In her mind she had a challenging past wore that way of thinking on her sleeve. Like many who come through my door, she did not realize she did not need to lead every conversation and opportunity for housing, with her past explained first. She lacked confidence in herself on a very high level because she believed herself unworthy at a second chance. After much encouragement and a willingness to take a leap of faith on Trinity New Hope, she learned that her past did not even show up on any reports anywhere and was long gone from view. Where it should be. I was able to expedite everything very quickly as she was extremely motivated and willing to get whatever was needed to make housing possible. She is now settled with her grandson who is an extremely sweet young man. They are happy to be right across from his school and able to afford to live in a nice, safe home without the worry of losing her home again.

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