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As for all of us, the past year has presented the communications team with many challenges and opportunities.

Driving by, you may have noticed that the message board isn’t getting changed quite as often as usual, but it is getting changed thanks to great volunteers. Our website got a really slick makeover this year and we’ve really upped our game with the monthly mailings to all members, since we’re unable to pick them up on Sundays.

One of the most exciting challenge opportunities we’ve had this year was branching into social media and online broadcast via YouTube and Facebook live.

Patrick Kelly, Communication Team Liaison


Multigenerational Sunday School Obviously, the first few months of this year went according to plan, with on-site Sunday School classes which reached out to all ages. Starting at 8:45 Sunday mornings, children and adults gathered with faithful leaders into various age-groups for preschool, grade school, teens and adults. Youth Education leaders were Tammy Torrey, Amanda Hansen, Larry and Kim Mills, Julie Haugen. Pastor Meggan led the adult studies, currently called “Adult Forum.” See below* 

The middle of March our traditional ways went “out the window” and were transformed into other means of teaching. Each younger student received lessons that were mailed via USPS, or Emailed, or on-line. Personal contact was made through phones, computers, or in person— but at a distance. Frolic Curriculum was used for 3-5 year olds, and “Water Washed; Spirit Born” was the curriculum used for the next age group up. These are reusable materials for future years.

In December, in traditional fashion, some of the youth were able to give a unique and fun Christmas Program on-line. It was presented in segments prior to online Wednesday night Holden Advent Services.

A huge thank you goes out to all the teachers who accepted the challenge and made the best of things this difficult year. The main goal was to maintain connections and continue spiritual instruction. 

Adult Forum* After mid-March, Zoom became the mode of shared time together to study, learn, grow and communicate on Sunday mornings @ 8:45 before zoom worship at 10:00am. A variety of spiritual books and relevant articles were read and discussed. In addition to Pr Meggan’s teaching, others filled in for her at times, if needed. 

Compassion Camp Box & Winter Activity Packets New this summer was an at home “vacation Bible school” called “Compassion Camp.” Tammy Torrey assembled and sent out to all the Sunday school children notebooks with Bible lessons and projects, and then activity boxes full of the art supplies for those projects. Each child was assigned an adult mentor to experience a one-on-one fun learning experience and build relationship. There were five lessons to cover within the summer months. By all accounts, it was a huge success and worthwhile. Thank you, Tammy! Likewise, during the first winter month of December, Julie Haugen assembled, delivered or sent out winter (Advent & Christmas) activity packets to all the the Sunday school children. These were to provide fun actives for the kids to work on over holiday break, tying in Biblical teachings. Thank you, Julie! 

Monday Morning Study Individuals who participated in this group met at the church every Monday morning to study a designated book, have discussions, share personal concerns and pray together. Zoom meetings became the new normal after mid-March, just like with Adult Forum. Adults who participate truly value the atmosphere of learning and caring that is present. It is open to any adult and usually led by Pr Meggan. 

Confirmation Co-op Classes (Monthly Gatherings) Confirmation Co-op is a combined Confirmation program with the other Treasure Valley ELCA churches. It is a big help to share this responsibility with other area churches. Not only do the youth (7th – 9th graders) get an opportunity to meet others their age, the leaders can also share ideas and best teaching methods and support one another. Larry Mills and Pr Meggan lead Trinity’s group. This fall Kevin Mills was confirmed, having finished his required lessons. Congratulations to him as he moves forward in his spiritual growth and service. Remaining in the program are Giada, Annmarie, Jason, Diane, and Alexa. 

Teen Book Study Part of the this year Pr Meggan and Young Disciples Minister Casey Cross held a book study for 10th-12th graders once a month in a local coffee shop. Discussion of the book and keeping connections were the goals of this time together. This has continued with the necessary precautions. 

Luther Heights Bible Camp Sadly, but necessarily, all in-person camps were cancelled due to the pandemic. Hopefully, next summer will be the best attended camps! LHBC depends on volunteers for its many needs. Several of the volunteers this year were members of Trinity. Camp Executive Director Kelly Preboski created and offered (upon request and a small fee) what essentially was “Camp in a Box” for any camper who requested one. 

Trivia Night This fun, local annual fundraising event took place on March 7, 2020 at Trinity. The funds raised were split between the two congregations: Trinity Lutheran and Faith Lutheran in Caldwell to help pay for Luther Heights camp scholarships for their youth.

Trinity Youth (College) Scholarship No applicants were received for this $500.00 scholarship, therefore it was not awarded. 

Theology Institute Opportunity New this year was an on-line opportunity for one of our youth to attend the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute out of Augsburg University, Minneapolis. Mwajuma Dusbae was selected to attend this year. She is also the youngest member of Trinity’s Church Council. 

Learning Peace: A Camp for Kids Again, sadly, this camp had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 concerns. After the cancelation decision, Director, Deaconess Diane McGeoch made contact with all the former attendees via packets which provided future camp information and coloring pages. For a small fee, she was able to mail out Peace Camp activity boxes later in the fall. It was a beautiful way to keep in touch with those who wish to attend again next summer and bring their friends with them.

Respectfully Submitted, Mary Braudrick / TLC Council representative

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