April 2021 Thank You Letter

Every quarter, I try to send a letter to those who support the ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church financially and thank them for their gifts.

“If the readiness is there, it is acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he has not.” (II Corinthians 8:12)

Dear Partners in Ministry,                                                                                          April 14, 2021

Thank you for joining the members of Trinity Lutheran Church in doing God’s work. Yes, even during a pandemic, ministry continues. Here are just a few examples:

This was our fourth year of Ashes on the Go Ash Wednesday and we served 68 people, 48 of those people had no affiliation with Trinity.

Bryce Quarve and team have been hard at work on our new sound system and improved worship streaming plan. The donation of time and talents is astounding.

We enjoyed the fruits of their labors on Palm Sunday, with organ and piano music projected onto the patio, and again during Maundy Thursday’s indoor worship. Next in-person worship on the patio is this Sunday, April 18!

In the months ahead, we will continue to grow our ministry together and touch the lives of others through your continued support. Here is what we are looking forward to.

On Pentecost, May 23, we will return our God’s Global Barnyard barns during outdoor worship. This will wrap up a campaign for ELCA World Hunger which includes guest speakers, door prizes, and the Earth Day S’wine Swap April 22.

Our youth (and some adults) will be gathering at Wilson Ponds for walking, conversation, and prayer five Saturdays in April through early June.

Registration for youth and adults is open through Luther Heights Bible Camp, an important ministry partner. We are celebrating people of all ages signing up for camp sessions and retreats.

Despite all the hardships of the last year, your faithfulness has been a tremendous act of witness. Not every church was able to pay their mortgage and staff each month. We have been able to do that and more. It is easy to give when times are good and the world seems stable. It is an expression of faith, hope and love to give during anxious times. Thanks again for your financial gifts.

Pastor Meggan Manlove

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