May Congregational Letter

May 1, 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,

We are excited to build upon our successes and give a preview of our plan and goals for the next chapter of the pandemic. First, our worship schedule beginning Sunday, May 2 will be:

  • Indoor in-person worship the first, third, and fifth Sundays. Masks and physical distancing required for people age five and older. Sign-ups required. Capacity now is 35 but this may increase as we go forward. 
  • Outdoor worship on the second and fourth Sundays. Masks recommended. Physical distancing required between households. 

For indoor gatherings, like meetings and social events, we will require masks (ages five and up) and physical distancing. This might seem strange considering the CDC’s new guidance for people who are vaccinated. However, we consider the church building to be a “public setting,” per the CDC guidelines, and we are not going to ask who is and who is not vaccinated. 

If the state of Idaho moves back to Stage 2 or if Central District Health moves Ada County back to Category 3/Red, then Trinity’s Covid Task Force and Church Council will adjust accordingly. Likewise, if the state moves to Stage 4 or CDH moves Ada County to Green, we will continue opening. Southwest District Health (which includes Canyon County) retired its health alert system, so we are looking to CDH.

We will need volunteers to help with outdoor worship set-up and take-down and we need more ushers. The Covid Task Force will continue to monitor our progress. If we are unable to meet our safety guidelines (whether due to lack of volunteers or lack of compliance) the current plan will be subject to change. We will inform you if/when any changes are made.  

What else is guiding our decision making? We still want to protect those most vulnerable among us. We still do not want to be part of overwhelming our healthcare system, which right now is doing well. The biblical concept of neighbor love (Luke 10:37, Mark 12:29-31, John 13:34) undergirds all of our decision making.

Please be in touch with our Church Council or Covid Task Force members (Meggan, Kim, Sharon, Jeff, Steve W, Randy M) if you have questions, want to volunteer, or have other input. 

Peace, Pastor Meggan Manlove

PS Enjoy the Easter Season bookmark from our Gospel and Growth Team!

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