Rest and Healing

Newsletter/Epistle Column for August 2021

Dear Friends and Members of Trinity,

     I confess that I do not have anything particularly spiritual to write this month. I want to take you up one of Idaho’s high mountain peaks and give you the 12,000-foot view of Trinity this summer. We are now able to gather in person regularly and safely and it life-giving. We also continue to offer worship online—also life-giving for people from many walks of life. The timing of being able to gather in person coincides with many of you hitting the road to see family and friends far away or explore the beauty of the natural world right here in the Mountain West. Another part of our current reality are the many members who put in multiple hours thinking, pivoting, learning, making decisions, and serving. Many faithful volunteers are now weary and worn and need some serious sabbath time before the fall. What this means is, if we are not full speed (whatever that means) until September, there are good reasons and most of those reasons have to do with rest and healing after a hard chapter of individual and communal life. 

     I truly believe we are living in an incredible time of creativity and recreating and transformation. Our leadership wants to be intentional about taking lessons from the pandemic with us and using new tools going forward. However, being intentional and thoughtful takes energy. So, this summer we are only doing a few things, but we hope to do them well (worship, campout, Peace Camp, Monday study group). Meanwhile, we are giving people space and time for rejuvenation. What lessons from the pandemic do you want to retain? What faith practices are you looking forward to resuming together? People at Trinity have never shied away from good questions. Let’s keep that as part of our DNA as we live into the future together but let us also help one another rest and recover.


Pastor Meggan  

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