TLC 202 – Audit & Communications


Audit Committee:  Julie Ward (21), Emily Bentley (22), Tami Robinson (23)

The audit committee met several times from April to September and submitted their report to the council at the regular meeting in September. Overall, the books were in order and no major issues were found.  The data entry errors that were found were corrected and procedures were put in place to provide confirmation for each transaction. 

The committee recommended that the QuickBooks program should be updated regularly, starting now, so the Treasurer has the latest version to work with. As our Treasurer (Lloyd Kellar) is retiring from his position, we also recommended that the council review the Standard Operating Procedures for the financial officers and update them as needed for the current responsibilities for those who are taking on the treasurer’s duties.

The committee also recommended that an audit be conducted annually so the function of the committee becomes routine. It will help simplify the process for both the financial officers and the audit committee.

Tami Robinson



During the past two years, relevant communication has never been more important for our congregation.  Between our monthly newsletters, bulletins, emails, monthly congregational mailings, Zoom, and YouTube, we have tried to cover all of our bases in keeping everyone apprised of the goings-on at Trinity.  Sometimes it seems that we are inundated with information and that it may seem repetitive, but more information is always better than less during times like these. Maintaining the free flow of information is the primary objective of the Communications team.

Robert Cola

Office Manager 

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