TLC 2021 – Covid Task Force

The Task Force [Sharon Jones, Kim Mills, Steve Ward, Jeff Henderson, Randy Miller and Pastor Meggan] have met monthly during 2021 to review and discuss developments in the Corona virus pandemic.  After each review, the task force has provided information & recommendations to the Council on how Trinity might respond to safeguard the members and staff.

The Covid Task Force hopes that we will, during the Season after Epiphany 2022, reduce more of our Covid protocols. First up, we will be taking down the tape in the pews and returning to our normal Holy Communion practice around the altar. We are looking for the Positive Test Rate in Canyon County to get to 5% and stay there or drop further. The final step will be taking off masks during worship. As we have said before, we are guided by neighbor love and the desire to be any small part of keeping the curve flat so as not to overwhelm our healthcare systems.

CDC *             7-day Metrics І 7-day Percent Change                as of January 5, 2022

Community Transmission   • High

                                                                                    Canyon                      Ada

Cases                                                                         653 І 74.13%            1453 І 41.62%

Case Rate per 100,000                                           284.10 І NA               301.71 І NA

% Positivity                                                                22.46 % І 7.84%       23.06 % І 7.15%

Deaths                                                                       < 10 І -25%               < 10 І -37.5%

New Hospital Admissions                                       15 І -6.25%               62 І 40.91%

Guidance from Wisconsin Council of Churches

Jeff Henderson

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