TLC 2021 – Mutual Ministry & Property


The Mutual Ministry committee met regularly during 2021 to review the ministries within the congregation, evaluate goals, and address concerns.  This happens in a safe and confidential environment.  The committee also discusses Pastor’s plans for continuing education for the coming year as well as the needs of the congregation. Committee members for 2021 were Jerry Armbrust (congregational vice president), Sharon Jones, Tammy Torrey, and Steve Ward.

Tammy Torrey


New Roof complete. Hall ceiling fix, one square just need to be replaced.  South door locks changed and fixed. New speaker system and video installed. Thanks to Bryce Quarve and David Sheriff.     The Hansons, they planted a Sensation Maple by the Garden in Klayton Hanson’s name. We planted a Spring Snow Crabapple (non-fruit bearing) by the S. East corner of the lawn. The heating and cooling system is a work in progress. Lloyd has found a great tech that has been servicing them for us.   

I want to apologize no being around this past year.  Between the farm and helping take care of my mom.  That is all I got done this year.  After mom passed.  I have been sick. Therefore, I have been staying away. I am so appreciative to Darrell and Peggy Miller, Jerry Armburst, Lloyd and Judy Keller.  Pastor and Bob for support.   Of course the congregation for making everything possible.  Borrowing from Sharon Jones.  “I LOVE THIS CHURCH!” 

Tom Friddle

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