TLC 2021 – President’s Report

Mission Statement:  Trinity Lutheran Church is a place to congregate, refresh the faithful, and reach out with Word and service to others through the Holy Gospel.            —December 3, 1978

Dear members and friends of Trinity Lutheran Church,

Throughout the pandemic, the council has been committed to ensuring that Trinity Lutheran Church continues to worship weekly. This time last year, our weekly worship opportunities were being streamed from Pastor’s phone. Due to the leadership of the CoVid Task Force and their safety protocols, many of our members can meet in person each Sunday. Additionally, our new cameras and sound system have improved the quality of our online services. We owe a debt of gratitude to Bryce Quarve, for his work getting our system installed. I’d also like to thank David Sheriff, Pat Cosgrove and Larry Mills for their contributions to this project. It’s empowered us to better serve members who do not feel safe coming in person at this time. 

In 2021, we reinstated many of the things that were lost to us in 2020. We have in person Sunday School. It’s been delightful to spend time together at events like the church camp out, Advent Soup Suppers, and the Christmas pageant. We’ve also continued some of the outdoor services we liked from 2020 like the pet blessing service.

We’ve planted trees, celebrated confirmations, grieved losses and welcomed new faces. We’ve continued to show up for one another, continued to give, continued to serve. In the midst of a turbulent year, I am astounded by how life and ministry continue to happen in this place. Thank you for embodying a tenacious hope both in the God we confess and the value of this community.

I would like to thank Lloyd Kellar and Peggy Miller for their years of service in managing TLC’s finances. I am immensely grateful for their faithfulness over the years. As you move into new adventures, I want to acknowledge and honor how much time and effort you have put in over the years. Thank you for your service.

I would also like to thank the CoVid Task Force, Church Council and Pastor Meggan for their service this year. It is difficult to make decisions in polarizing times when answers are few and far between. I am grateful for your dedication and leadership in the face of uncertainty. I am proud of you. It has been an honor to serve alongside you. 

With gratitude,

Sarah Henthorn

2021 Church Council President 

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