Trinity and Future Directions

Pastor’s Column in Trinity Lutheran’s June Epistle/Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ,

Our council leadership finally has the energy and capacity to start visioning about what the Holy Spirit might be calling us into next as a congregation. Though it is well and good for the council to lead the way, it is important for all you to be part of this visioning and discernment. Guided by the ELCA Future Directions Goals, at our May meeting we brainstormed how we might better equip people of all ages for their baptismal vocations, how we can continue to be an inviting church that embraces all the diversity of our larger community, and how we might work towards justice, peace, and reconciliation with ecumenical and interfaith partners. Language is important, and so alongside this work around Future Directions, I want to encourage us all to ponder how we talk about our congregation itself. Are we a family, a community, a communion, or a movement? Each of those words is layered in meaning. We might be multiple things at the same time and Trinity Lutheran certainly holds a different place in people’s lives in various moments in time. Whatever language we use, I pray that we continue to be outward looking, here for our neighbors, while always nurturing the faith of those already along for the ride. I pray that we stay adaptable even as we make sure that what we do and who we are aligns with the Gospel, our mission, and our guiding principles. I pray that we love God and our neighbors and offer forgiveness and grace when we fall short. I pray that we remain grounded by the traditions passed on by those who have come before us while celebrating and embracing the diversity of gifts offered by those with us now. Thanks for being along for this journey and helping us figure out where the Spirit is leading us.


Pastor Meggan

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