Season of Gratitude

Originally published in Trinity, Nampa’s monthly Epistle/Newsletter.

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month we are continuing our Season of Gratitude. Trinity Lutheran Church is a generous congregation. We are a community of faith committed to following Jesus, people committed to this congregation, and people committed to trying to bring in the reign of God. That is a lot for which to express our gratitude.

As the pastor of this congregation, I try to model both generosity and gratitude. I give around 10% of my income, most of it to the congregation. I share this not to boast, but because integrity is one of my core values. I could never ask others to be financially generous if I am not modeling it. I give to Trinity to model generosity, but I also give because I so deeply believe in what God is doing in and through Trinity Lutheran Church. I want to do what I can to help Trinity Lutheran, Nampa remain a vibrant congregation. Finally, I give to Trinity out of gratitude for this call, this community, and for God’s mission at work through us.

This is such an amazing community of faith. So many people are involved in all sorts of work and ministry. There are those who prepare our space for worship, those who help lead worship, and those who take Communion to members who cannot come to worship in-person. Other members help us reach out the larger community in new and old ways. Some of you tend to our physical property and make sure it is hospitable, some teach our youth, and still others write for our website and Epistle. And all of this is supported by your financial generosity, for which our leadership and I are grateful.

It is inspiring to witness so much ministry. It fills me with gratitude for each of you and for the Holy Spirit working through us collectively. And there is potential for even more ministry, more sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ with words and actions in Nampa, Canyon County, and beyond. Thank you once again for your ongoing financial generosity and thanks for being part of this Season of Gratitude.


Pastor Meggan Manlove

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