TLC 2023 Ann Rprt-Worship, Music, Altar Guild


Worship and Music and Altar Guild work together throughout the liturgical year planning ways to integrate our worship services and worship space to allow members to fully experience God’s word. 

Your worship and music group meet to plan the different liturgies that we use throughout the year.  In our hymnals are several settings that we cycle through with the different seasons of the year.  We try to mix up traditional gospel music, with different cultural experiences (Latin and others).  This year we even sang a couple of songs in Spanish.  We have several other settings including Tree of Life, Dakota Road, Taizé and, of course, Holden Evening Prayer that we incorporate during special seasons.  We also try to add new things occasionally, while keeping many of our most familiar and favorite songs/liturgies.  We know Trinity is always willing to try something new . . . at least once. Worship and music also choose the songs we sing each week to accompany the readings and sermon.  

Altar guild is primarily responsible for the sanctuary and setting things up behind the scenes.  As we visited the various seasons and color during our Christ the King (the end of the liturgical year) service, you may have noticed how altar guild makes sure the sanctuary is decorated to call to our attention these changes in color.  We bring in additional decorations and may even move some of the essential elements to emphasize different themes amongst the seasons.  Altar guild prepares the sacraments every week so we can engage in communion.  We ready all of the candles, paraments, baptismal font, eternal candle and banners for each week’s service.  During our Christmas, Epiphany, Lent and Easter seasons we hope you enjoy the extra touches that are provided to help you experience the “reason for the season” through all of your senses.  

Together these two groups help Pastor emphasize different themes throughout every week and season of services.  Last, but not least, our groups collectively look at our service worship practices to ensure that “All are welcome”.  We look for ways to include our community through outdoor worship opportunities as well as online (thank you to our AV team).  This year we did our Pet Blessing, blessing of bicycles and Longest Night services outdoors.  We also continue to support practices that allow individuals the freedom and support to protect themselves from illness while returning to our “normal” practices:  passing the peace, collecting offering, and gathering for communion.  As you can imagine, none of this can happen without many dedicated people.  Our worship assistants including assisting ministers, crucifers, acolytes, accompanists, ushers and greeters allow our weekly and special services to flow so smoothly.  We are so grateful for those who have so diligently continued to serve on worship and music and/or altar guild.  We are excited to welcome those who have recently agreed to join us as we look forward to learning and serving together.  Yours in Christ – Kim Mills  

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