TLC 2023 Ann Rprt-Trinity New Hope


Trinity New Hope’s tagline is “Help and hope for those in need.”  That’s what we do!  We are very proud of the numerous families we have been able to help this year, including assisting several families transition from homelessness to a clean, safe home in which to live.  Trinity members have participated by helping to provide furniture, appliances, cleaning supplies, and holiday gifts for our tenants. Pastor Meggan created videos this year of several tenants telling their stories about how Trinity New Hope has changed their lives. If you would like to see these videos, please ask and we will share! They tell a wonderful and uplifting story of hope.  

Since Trinity New Hope is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, we are eligible to receive donations.  In 2022 Trinity New Hope participated in the Home Partnership Foundation’s Avenues for Hope housing campaign, which raised $15,451.  We exceeded our fundraising goal of $15,000 and received donations from more than a dozen different states!  Our goal is to use part of the funds raised to improve our property’s landscaping.  We used the Avenues for Hope funds raised in 2021 to complete the construction of a new maintenance shop on the Trinity New Hope land, which provides space for a workshop for our maintenance staff and a place to store maintenance tools and materials. We also began work on landscape renovations to improve drainage around our homes.  

Trinity New Hope’s 16 single family homes are overseen by our amazing staff:  Tami Romine (property manager) and Steve Van Atter (maintenance manager).  If you see these fine individuals, please thank them for their excellent work! In addition, Jerry Armbrust has been a huge help this year with unit turnovers. Thank you!  

The Board of Directors is proud of the difference that Trinity New Hope is making in Nampa.  If you have a heart forthis ministry, please contact Pastor Meggan or any board member.  There are many opportunities to volunteer, and we would welcome you to the team.

The Board of Directors, Trinity New Hope

(Pastor Meggan Manlove, Tami McHugh, Cathy Winwood, Judy Kellar, Andrew Hanson, Shelly Regis, Debra Harris, Carl Radke, and Tom Dale)

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