A Change in Plans

by Amanda Hanson

When Pastor Meggan asked if I would be interested in taking the Master Food Safety course I will admit I was a bit hesitant. Things had been pretty difficult after losing our son Klayton and I wasn’t sure I could make that big of a commitment. Then, I took a moment and thought about what I had promised Klayton before he passed. I promised that I was going to take more time to help people. You see, he was able to help someone at only 6 days old and give the gift of his kidneys to a mother of two. So, with that I started on the journey of learning about food preservation. Almost everything I had learned about canning from my Mom and Grandma was thrown out the window. In 7 weeks I learned everything from canning green beans to dehydrating strawberries. I now feel more confident that I can preserve food safely and confidentially. I am excited to share what I have learned with others and teach our food preservation classes this fall. Although it was not the road I had expected to be traveling at this time, it was an interesting adventure none the less.

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2 Responses to A Change in Plans

  1. Hi Amanda– the staff of ELCA World Hunger/ELCA Malaria Campaign is eager to follow the stories you share in this blog. 🙂 Thanks for telling your story, and for the amazing ministry you do in honor of Klayton.

  2. Sheila Anderson says:

    It is amazing how God makes paths for us to follow. We think we need to go one direction and it turns out that is not the path we are to take. We have found that our many times in our lives. He never does anything that is not good for us.

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