Home Canning Made Easy

Our Home Food Preservation Workshop began last night.  We have spent grant money on supplies (most of them have piled up in my study–is there anywhere else to store things in a church than in the pastor’s study) and to train Master Food Safety Advisors.  The Trinity Community Garden coordinators brought most of the produce on our grocery list.  Last night it all came together.  The lectures were great but it was much more fun to take photos of our participants working in labs with our excellent Advisors.

David’s Lab–Peach Jam–One participant took the big spoon into the kitchen and was about to put it in the sink with jam still on it!  I told her the pastor would take care of it.

Peach1 Peaches3Peaches2

Diane’s Lab–Salsa!


Helen’s Lab–I’ve already made salsa. What else can I do with all of those tomatoes????


Joey’s Lab–Corn Relish


Amanda’s Lab–Beans


A big Thank You to our wonderful Extension Educator Joey!


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1 Response to Home Canning Made Easy

  1. Kyle and Melissa says:

    Thanks for taking all of the pictures, Meggan! They turned out great!

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