Community Garden Banquet

After our community blessing of the church gardens last spring and a season of growing produce, about thirty of us came together for a celebratory banquet.  Grace Episcopal Church hosted us.  The food, all made with produce from home and community gardens, was delicious.  Tomato vegetable sauce on brochette, rhubarb crisp, veggie stew, sweet corn, sliced cucumber, and  zucchini cake were just a few of the dishes served.

We had representatives from Grace, Trinity Lutheran Church, College Church of the Nazarene, and St.Paul’s Catholic Church. Conversation covered church building projects, changes on church staffs, dressing up sanctuaries as the church seasons change, and building relationships with our neighbors.  As wonderful as the conversations about gardens and congregations were, it was also a delight to simply learn about people’s lives.


Nampa Community Gardens (power point of the growing season)

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