Publishing “Growing to Feed Many”

It started when “my” gardeners and I had a conversation about grant writing.  Dale & Sheila Anderson and colleague Paulette Blaseg have had all of their gardening necessities for a while–greenhouse, transportation, compost bins, netting, tools and of course raised beds.  They had even added new beds to the home garden and assembled a huge new garden in another part of Nampa during the past several years.  I had learned that, at least for the first time you apply, a grant organization prefers to provide start up funds for a new project.  And so, as we sat around the table at Trinity Lutheran Church, I asked, “Do you have any one-time or brand new projects in the works?”  “Well, for a while we’ve been trying to put together this book about gardening.”  As a good friend says, “That sounds intriguing.”

When the Trinity Community Garden Inc. (TCGI) master gardeners began teaching classes a few years ago they were forced or encouraged, depending on who you talk to, to write down what they could speak about so easily.  They distributed folders of information and then gave lectures which included additional tips, lessons, data.  One of their students, Elaine Jenkins, who runs her own CSA, decided to compile the printed materials and her lecture notes, making one cohesive document.  Dale, Sheila and Paulette added drawings, diagrams, tables and photos.  It was all coming together but there was of course the cost of printing along with the fact that no one in the group, which now included me, had ever published a book.

We applied for some grant money and received almost $2000.00 from the Idaho Episcopal Diocese Foundation.  Conversations with the granting committee convinced us to publish bilingual (English/Spanish) books rather than publishing two different editions.  We worked with staff from Caxton Printing in Caldwell, who gave us great guidance on self publishing.  And Dale, Sheila, Paulette, and Elaine spent hours editing and then proofing the book.

Our goal was to have the books ready to be purchased as Christmas gifts and as of last week, you can purchase “Growing to Feed Many: How Trinity Community Gardens Inc. gets more food from less space” for $10.00.

Books can be purchased at:

Canyon County Extension in Caldwell

Steve Regan Supply in Caldwell

Idaho Botanical Gardens

Trinity Lutheran Church  (Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm)



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