Youth Reflections on Houston


I was really excited about the trip to Houston because I love exploring new places. Even the 34 hours on the bus was fun at times. We played games and got to know one another. Houston was so different from Boise. People walked everywhere. You don’t see that much here. There were some really tall buildings. I experienced the subway/train system for the first time. The residents of Houston were really understanding about all of the kids packing the trains. Passengers asked us questions about where we were from and why we came to Houston. We were able to tell them about the ELCA Youth Gathering.

It was amazing to be with thirty thousand other kids who believed what I believe. At school I usually don’t talk about religion because my friends and I are not the same religion. In Houston everyone could understand my faith. The worship services were very meaningful. One evening we sat on the floor and we could hear the speakers much better and walk right up to the performers. The speaker’s stories were about overcoming fear and becoming a better person. Jesus made a big difference in their lives.

They reminded us that Jesus is with us, too.

The service learning day was my favorite day. Our group went to help at a community garden. I don’t know that much about gardening but was happy to help pull weeds. The thing I liked about being there was hearing the story about how the hurricane affected the people who lived there. It must have been really scary. The women told us about the violent winds and pouring rain that damaged homes and property and even the garden we were working in. It was nice to hear how the community helped them out, rebuilding.

I am happy that I am one of the kids that gets to attend the Youth Gathering as a freshman and again when I am a senior in high school.

Mwajuma Dusabe, Trinity Lutheran Church member, entering 9th grade

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