Youth Recap of Houston

Reflections about the ELCA Youth Gathering shared in worship at Trinity Lutheran, Nampa July 8, 2018
Day 1
I honestly didn’t know what to expect in Houston I was so exited. After we got to houston from our 34 hour drive we all wanted to take showers and relax for the rest of the day. But when we got there we had 30 minutes to get ourselves situated and moving.

No one told me that we had a youth gathering at this part of the day. The youth gathering was like a concert with all sorts of differant things going on but it was mostly a bunch of people explaining how god affected their lives with lots of awsome music and preformences. The youth gathering lasted about 3-4 hours and we didn’t get home until 11-1 at night.
Day 2
Today was synod day today we had to meet up with our senete and wear bright green shirts. We were with the Washington, Idaho synod. I had lots of fun today.
Day 3
Today was community service day. Today we had to wear our orange shirts. For community service we cleaned out flower beds. I had lots of fun. I thought it was a good idea to get teenagers outside and away from their phones.
Day 4
Today we had to wear our blue shirts. We went to a celebration. There was lots of fun things to do like dancing, volleyball, yoga, puzzles and plenty more. It was fun. When we got back from that we waited outside to get inside the youth gathering building. It felt like it lasted forever because of all the heat and humidity. It was like this every time we went to the youth gathering but this one felt like the longest. Also today we got to get on the floor and watch it up close. It had alot of emotional speakers like the girl that was transgender and created a community of people just like her to help the world become a better place.
Day 5
Today is when we go home. I had loads of fun that week and I have learned plenty of things.
Also I have felt God everywhere this week.
Shelby Lageson, Entering 9th Grade
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