TLC 2021 – Church in Community

Community Garden:  Submitted by Sarah Henthorn

The Community Garden has experienced some problems this year with fungus/blight, interference with a large tree obstructing sunlight and poor turnout of workers.  They harvested 990 pounds and are looking at some reorganization items.

CROP Walk:  Submitted by Steve VanAtter

The Canyon County Crop Walk was an actual event this year.  It raised $7,019 which went to the Wilder Food Bank, Nampa Seventh Day Adventist and to the Caldwell Salvation Army Food Bank.  Thanks for your on-going contributions and participation.

Equal Exchange Coffee & Chocolate Sales:  Submitted by Renee VanAtter

Over the past Covid year, a few members took advantage of  ‘home delivery’ of Equal Exchange products.  Selling coffee after church services started up in June.  Christmas sales were slow.  Thanks for supporting farmers so they can make a living wage for their families and support people to get loans to start their own businesses.  Thanks for your purchases.

Food Pantry:  Submitted by Joyce Becht

We have a very well stocked pantry despite the fact we did not do any monthly food collections which we paired with Bible verses the previous year.  The pandemic has not slowed our collections.  We are so grateful for any in-kind donations as well as guidance from the Kellars and VanAtters who shop for the pantry for needed items, keep monthly inventory, and check expiration dates on all our supplies.  Pastor Meggan uses these resources to help low-income families.  Many thanks for helping to feed others in these desperate times.

Food Preservation Classes:  Submitted by Sarah Henthorn

No classes were offered due to the pandemic.  There was no way to properly provide social distancing.

Noisy Offerings:  Submitted by Joyce Becht

Thank you so very much for your ASTOUNDING contributions during the pandemic!  We had our third largest total since we started doing Noisy Offerings in 2015.  We had a tremendous total of $2,759.20!  Such gracious, giving hearts you have.  Thanks so much for your phenomenal support.  We always welcome your input as we continue to explore new programs along with our old favorites for the new year.

Service Projects:  Submitted by Joyce Becht

Souper Bowl of Caring.  February 7th you filled our baskets with cans of soup and other food which was added to our Food Pantry.  Thanks for thinking of others…”Feed my sheep”.

God’s Work, Our Hands.  September 12th we honored the hard-working staff at West Middle School by supplying treats for the staff.  Our Sunday School children as well as members of the congregation wrote thank you notes to all the individual staff.  The staff was so appreciative and consider us their neighborhood ally.  We continue to keep them and the students in our thoughts and prayers.  

Gloves/Hats/Mittens/Socks.  On November 28th were collected for the women and children at the Valley Women and Children’s Shelter and for the men at The Lighthouse Mission for Men which was restarted again late in the fall.  They all appreciate your very loving and warm donations.

Thanksgiving Food Boxes.  x 6 November 21st and Christmas Food Boxes x 6 December 19th. Again your donations of gift cards were superb!  Thanks for plucking the items from the turkey feathers and picking ornaments from the Christmas trees to donate items for the food boxes.  Steve and Renee VanAtter and Tim McHugh shopped for needed items.  Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in filling the boxes after services and helped deliver them.  We are so thankful for these willing volunteers.

Thrivent Project for Trinity New Hope. Totes x 16 December 12th.  The VanAtters applied for a Thrivent money card which they used to purchase fruit and granola bars which filled our totes along with Advent Devotionals and Christmas cards ad information about Trinity’s Advent and Christmas services.  Church in Community purchased the totes which were embroidered by Elizabeth Schnabel.  She volunteered her time and did beautiful designs.  We posted them on the walls for all to see.  We so appreciate her handiwork.  Our great volunteers helped assemble and deliver the goodie bags after church services.  We are so blessed with our volunteers and their gift of time and talents..

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