TLC 2021 – Worship and Music/Altar Guild

Worship and Music and Altar Guild work together throughout the liturgical year planning ways to integrate our worship services and worship space to allow members to fully experience God’s word.  

What a blessing.  As I sit down to reflect on the past year, we have just finished celebrating the second Sunday of Christmas.  Members of altar guild met today and took down the Christmas tree and other decorations to transition to Epiphany.  As I left the sanctuary, the Wise Men had traveled across the room to join Joseph, Mary and Jesus.  To think, one year ago, we couldn’t meet in person and the sanctuary was empty.  

Thank you to the Covid task force that assisted Council and all of our committees to find safe ways to continue to worship and learn safe protocols to slowly move our services back indoors.  We are still providing space with empty pew rows and requiring masks during worship.  We have also added all the liturgical components back into service as well as singing.  Candles, offering and communion may look a little different, but these important parts of our service are treasured after not having them for so long.  

In the midst of traditions, we always look for ways to include and acknowledge other special events.  Ashes on the Go brought visiting neighbors from the community and continues to grow each year.  A mix of indoor and outdoor worship carried us into summer where we returned to the sanctuary full time just in time for the heat of summer.  Gospel and Growth committee hosted a special service “Remember and Grieve” which was recorded and watched over 40 times after it premiered.  Our Pet Blessing included visiting members of the community, both 2 and 4 legged.  Expanded Advent brought glimpses of blue into the sanctuary and the return of midweek Advent soup suppers.  This all led up to our first “Longest Night” service with hot cider and firepits out on our patio. 

A special thank you to the AV team (and Bryce Quarve) for all of the time, training, and expertise learning to use our new sound system.  This has allowed us to continue to live stream worship services including our Mid Week Advent Holden Evening Prayer so friends both near and far can join us in spirit, if not in person.  It has also allowed us to record and stream outdoor worship services.  Last but not least, thank you to Di Seba who serves as our online greeter for these services.  

Here is hoping we continue to move forward towards our previous traditions.  Even if not quite as quickly as many of us would like.  This may mean finding a new normal or trying some new things . . . but for Trinity, this is what we do best.   

Kim Mills

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