TLC 2023 Ann Rprt-Church in Community


Due to your generosity of approximately $2,564.00 and in-kind donations, we contributed to making a difference locally, in state, interstate, and internationally.  Thank you for your help and donations to meet our goals.  Thank you for all your support of money, time, and talents.

Julie Haugen


JANUARY 30  Trinity Emergency Fund  $ 313.11

FEBRUARY 27   Trinity Community Gardens  $ 259.43

MARCH 27   West Valley Animal Shelter  $161.28

APRIL 24 Nampa Bicycle Project  $ 246.77

MAY 29  Learning Peace; A Camp for Kids  $ 180.00

JUNE 26   First Responders  $ 175.68

JULY 24   Duck Valley Indian Reservation  $ 388.89

AUGUST 28  The Shoe That Grows  $ 470.02

SEPTEMBER 25   West Middle School  $ 138.21

OCTOBER 30  The Nampa Family Justice Center  $ 207.48

NOVEMBER 27   Valley Women & Children’s Shelter  $ 243.82

Lighthouse Mission for Men, Socks/Hats/Mittens/Gloves

Thanksgiving Food Boxes x 6  

DECEMBER 25   Trinity New Hope  $ 231.17

Christmas Food Boxes x 6

New Hope Totes x 16

Grand Total: $ 3,015.86

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1 Response to TLC 2023 Ann Rprt-Church in Community

  1. dianaseba says:

    Will the annual meeting be on Facebook? I think I remember that we couldn’t vote unless we were there in person. Right? Di

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