TLC 2023 Ann Rprt-Property and Gospel and Growth


We installed new locks on the front and back double doors this summer—no more bicycle lock on the back door! We also had repairs to heat pump #1 this summer.Our water heater that serves the kitchen and the maintenance closet was replaced this December.Mid-December we had problems with heat pump #2 and are in the process of getting that fixed.The refrigerant for those units is no longer manufactured and with supply getting low, we have been advised by a few places that we need to start looking at replacing them.We are in the process of discerning our next steps and getting bids.I would like to thank everyone for all they do to keep our wonderful little church going year after year.

Jerry Armbrust


The Gospel and Growth team’s role is to facilitate a focus on the gospel and to encourage growth at Trinity Lutheran.  Our thanks to all who participated in our events and projects in 2022 as we were transitioning back to in-person worship.

Open Sanctuary – On 2/26/2022 we opened the sanctuary from 3:00 to 5:00 pm to provide a quiet place for prayer.  There were paper leaves that we could write our prayer requests and hang on a small tree to be viewed until Easter.  There were flyers about Lenten activities, scripture verses, and small candy bars to refresh our spirits.

“Get Your Buns to Church” – This was held on 3/15/2022 in the social hall.  We had coffee and hot crossed buns.  We asked everyone the question “How has Trinity made a difference in your life”.  Some of the responses became videos on the website to encourage others. It wasn’t a large turnout (11) but you could feel the joy at being able to gather around the table and “catch up” with everyone!

“Spiritual Spa Day” – Saturday, 4/30/2022, from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. A catered meal from Silver City BBQ, paid for by a Thrivent Action Team card, was provided for this congregation of volunteers. The theme was “Thank You for Being a Light at Trinity”.  Everyone received a decorated candle to take with them. We also asked those who wanted to, to describe a time when they had witnessed someone being a light and “showing up” for someone else or for the church.

Church CampOut – This event was hosted once again by Steve and Julie Ward at their property in Donnelley. There were 41 in attendance this year with 14 of those being first timers!  The food was plentiful and so was the feeling of community.  The worship service around the campfire was enjoyed and communion was done in a circle. The teens took on the challenge of providing a sermon skit and did a great job.  A lot of positive comments were made about the whole experience.

Spiritual Practices – We will be focusing on a different faith practice each month, encouraging members to grow in these practices.  September was “Care of Creation” with a display on the back wall of the sanctuary with seven stations of creation art and meditations, with more information in the bulletins. October was “Reading the Bible”.  We created a bulletin flyer with suggestions on ways to read the Bible.  These included 1) Committing to reading and re-reading two Psalms each week. 2)Read about different heroes in the Bible. 3) Download a Bible App, among others.  November was prayer and December was Forgiveness.

Advent Daily Devotional Booklet – We had 23 different authors contributing devotions to this annual project! Thank you each and everyone.  It seems that each story offers hope to each person although it might be in a totally different way.  We are blessed to have so many people who are willing to share what’s on their heart

Mary Braudrick, Edith Hannett, Tami Robinson, Penelope Smith

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