Proclaim Story-Synod Day

IMG_1672IMG_1670Pastors from across the synod

The morning began with worship, music led by Agape and Rachel Kurtz, at COBO.  We spent most of today with our Lutheran sisters and brothers from across the Eastern WA-ID Synod (youth and adults from Spokane, the Wenatchee Valley, Tri-Cities, the Treasure Valley, and a few other small towns).  Dave Haven, pastor of Celebration Lutheran in East Wenatchee, was our synod day coordinator.  Long ago he asked me and Pr Ken and if our groups could serve as ushers and we said yes. This included welcoming everyone as they entered our large meeting room and passing out “Jesus is Good News” waterless, peal-off tattoos as they exited.  We heard faith stories of other Lutherans in our synod, reflected on God’s story, and shared our own faith stories.  We built new relationships with people from across the synod each time we had small group discussions. We ended with worship, during which Bishop Martin Wells preached and presided at Holy Communion.

IMG_1679 IMG_1678IMG_1682IMG_1675Bishop Wells

The mass gathering again included music, dance, and messages from several speakers, all under the theme Breaking Chains.  Veronika Scott, founder and CEO of the Empowerment Plan in Detroit, made quite an impact on all of us.  Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, gave the final message.  The evening ended with a performance by the band Skillet.

Here’s a fun article about the Gathering which has become quite popular through social media: Read it Here.


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  1. Linda McQueen says:

    It sounds like a wonderful gathering; just hearing Marian Wright Edelman would be a joy.

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